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Health Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that helps connect the mind, spirit, and body to achieve relaxation and realization of various kinds of energies in life. This is achieved through a series of exercises involving meditation, controlled breathing, and taking different body postures. Although some people see yoga as simply twisting and bending the body while holding breath, it is more than that. Yoga enables the human body to become aware of the ecstatic and exuberant energies inside and outside the body, and also helps expand the sensory parts of the body.  Practicing yoga is therefore highly beneficial to your body health and mental well-being. Some of the health benefits of yoga are discussed below.

1. Improves blood circulation and blood pressure

Simply practicing helps improve your heart health and circulation of blood to all vital organs. Many attest to feeling a lot better after doing yoga, which is attributed to the improved blood flow. This also means food nutrients and oxygen are transported to target organs quickly and efficiently. This translates to healthier organs, performance, and glowing skin. Individuals suffering from either high or low blood pressure also benefit greatly from yoga.

2. Stress relief

Aside from improved organ health, yoga does come in handy when trying to beat depression and stress. Simply doing yoga makes the body enter into relaxation mode, which is helpful in relieving stress, anxiety, and depression.  Even the simplest yoga postures and meditation make it possible for brain cells to calm down easily. Yoga’s ability to help relieve stress and depression fast has also been linked to deep breathing and improved blood flow to and from brain cells.

3. Improved Immunity

Many people have weak immune systems simply because all body systems and mechanisms aren’t working in harmony. A good example of this is when one is stressed at work, doesn’t exercise, or doesn’t care the food he/she eats. Some of these factors can contribute to weak immunity. Yoga, however, helps one realize this by taking note of the most critical aspects of health and life. Most yoga poses exercise body muscles intensely thus providing massage. In addition to this, meditation and breathing techniques help brain and body cells calm down. This reduces the rate at which the body is producing stress hormones and chemicals. The result of this is improved harmony in the body and immunity.

4. Improved posture and flexibility

Regular yoga practice is good for your body in many ways. First, it helps tone your body muscles and the skin. In addition to this, a regular routine of the same makes you more flexible than you were before. The improved suppleness, flexibility, and muscle endurance not only translate to improved posture and flexibility but also reduce the risk of getting injured in the field. This is because your body is already flexible enough to overcome extreme pressure and tests.

5. Stress and anxiety management

Stress and depression are among the most prominent contributors to various health conditions such as weight gain, blood pressure, low immunity, etc. Yoga trains you how to stay calm even in the most intense situations.  Individuals that do yoga regularly are rarely anxious as most of them know the benefits of deep breathing and meditation.
These are just but a few of the many health benefits of yoga you need to know about. Yoga is also recommended for patients recovering from an injury.

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