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Certified Baptiste Instructor, E-RYT 500
Founder & CEO – YogaSport Dallas

Day Job: YS Owner, Instructor, Health & Wellness Coach, Podcaster
Dream Job: This is it!
Your Motto: Always make the effort when it comes to people. There is nothing that can replace human connection.
What Lights You Up? My kiddos giggles, gameshows, iced tea, patios, my Baptiste yoga practice, bubbly, sushi, hearing/seeing that my students/clients/staff feel better because they have been involved at YS.
Fav TV Show: A Million Little Things
Fav Local Spot: Lekka (it’s local for me in North Dallas) GREAT patio!
Why YS? Because it’s an incredible community of friendly people committed to supporting each other.
Why Teach? To connect and inspire people.
Creds: Baptiste Certified E-RYT 500, Certified Yoga Life Coach, Cooper Wellness Coach
Random Fun Fact: In college, I was fluent in French and studied in Paris.

To learn more about Angela, listen to her podcast, or sign up for her online programs, visit her website at www.angelawagner.com.


Certified YSYS & Baptiste Instructor, 200 Hr

Day Job: Wellness and professional group exercise training and consulting
Dream Job: To keep doing more of what I’m doing in fun, far away places – but it’s not a job – it’s a life mission
Your Motto: Learn it, live it, pass it on
What Lights You Up? Getting up early and getting out there to live, my family, my kitty cats
Fav TV Show: Anything HBO or old love story movies
Fav Local Spot: Gloria’s with Mark, my husband
Why YS? This studio embodies living and growing and helps others do just that. You can do yoga and change your life for the better at the same.
Why Teach? It connects you to students and allows you help others grow in their yoga alignment
Creds: Certified Baptiste Instructor RYT 200, CPR, AFAA group exercise certified, Zumba, Pound Fitness, Diabetes Lifestyle Coach, PHR Professional Human Resources


Certified YSYS Instructor, 200 Hr & YS Creativity Guru

Day Job: Photographer
Dream Job: I love photography so that might just be the dream. That said, my best friend and I often joke about opening a flower shop together when we retire.
Your Motto: I suddenly feel stressed… I’m motto-less.
What Lights You Up? Seeing life through a child’s eyes. Traveling anywhere, especially in the company of adventurous spirits. Finding something new in a place I call familiar. Anything creative. Time alone. Time together with family and friends (including the four-legged kind). Music. My camera… whether it’s around my neck, attached to my phone, or simply in my mind’s eye.
Fav TV Show: SYTYCD. I know, I know. I blame it on the fact that I have the spirit of a contemporary dancer trapped in my completely uncooperative body.
Fav Local Spot: Just one? Perhaps the Dallas Arboretum.
Why YS? Because the community is irreplaceable and the practice indescribable.
Why Teach? To give back a small part of what I’ve received, to connect, and to exercise my “be present” muscles.
Random Fun Fact: I was born on an army base in Germany and have moved 18 times since arriving in the US.


Certified YSYS Instructor, 200 Hr

Day Job: Director of Loyalty Marketing at La Quinta Inns and Suites
Dream Job: Organizational Transformation
Your Motto: Go with the Flow
What Lights You Up? Helping and Inspiring Others
Fav TV Show: I don’t watch a lot of TV these days. I typically watch news or something on History channel
Fav Local Spot: Gloria’s
Why Assist/Teach? I love the YogaSport community
Creds: YogaSport TAP & YSYS 200 HR
Random Fun Fact: I hiked the Inca Trail in Peru with 4 good friends in May 2015


Certified YSYS Instructor, 200 Hr

Day Job: Lecturer in French at SMU
Dream Job: Helicopter pilot in Iceland
Your Motto: Dance like no one is watching.
What Lights You Up? A really good book, traveling, reconnecting with old friends, watching my cat do something goofy, cooking with my husband
Fav TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Fav Local Spot: The Wild Detectives
Why YS? When I moved to the neighborhood, I started looking for a yoga studio close by. I saw the YS sign and thought, why not? After my very first practice, I knew I wanted to be a member. The flow was physically challenging and empowering, and the community was so welcoming and fun. Now YS really feels like my home away from home.
Why Teach? If I love something, whether it’s French or yoga, I want to share it with others!
Creds: Certified YSYS instructor, 200 Hr
Random Fun Fact: I was captain of the women’s rugby team in college


Certified YSYS Instructor, 200 Hr

Day Job: Risk Manager for Citi
Dream Job: I’m honestly not sure but it would definitely involve teaching in some form or fashion. I always seem to find a way to teach somewhere in my life whether it’s in a school setting, a yoga setting, or even volunteering at VBS, etc. I love to teach regardless of the subject or the student.
Your Motto: “Not my circus, Not my monkeys”
What Lights You Up? People! I have always said, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing, only who I’m doing it with… I can have fun anywhere, doing anything if I’m with people that I love. AND I love meeting new people and learning about what makes them tick.
Fav TV Show: Cold Justice
Fav Local Spot: Mutt’s Cantina… who wouldn’t love a place where you and your fur-babies can meet friends for good food, great margaritas, and a little time outside
Why YS? Great classes, amazing teachers, and the best community anywhere hands down!
Why Teach? I love the chance to give back to the YSC and there is nothing better than the instant gratification of seeing the change in somebody’s asana or way of being when they have the chance to do or think about it differently
Random Fun Fact: I love true crime stories… TV, books, podcasts, any format! I think it’s the psychology degree. I’m fascinated by the ‘why’ people do the crazy things that they do especially things I could never imagine doing myself.


Certified Baptiste Instructor, 300 Hr E-RYT

Day Job: Graphic Designer
Dream Job: National Geographic Explorer

Your Motto: Love with your whole heart, regardless of the consequence.  Be all-in.
What Lights You Up? Practicing and teaching yoga (duh), writing, drawing, coffee-shop-hopping, crafting, camping, traveling, hiking, rock and tree climbing, swimming, scuba diving, being immersed in nature, connecting with other humans that share these passions.
Fav TV Show: I finally gave cable the boot! Zero regrets. Generally, I stick to podcasts and documentaries, but lately I’ve been hooked on the Reel Rock series on the Red Bull app.
Fav Local Spot: Otto’s Coffee
Why YS? I always end up back here, because 1) YS offers the sweatiest, most challenging power vinyasa practice around, constantly encouraging me to ride and grow my edge; and 2) the community is so incredibly warm and welcoming, and I know many of the friendships made here are likely to last a lifetime.
Why Teach? Despite often feeling outside of my comfort zone as an introvert, I know I am so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to share a practice I love, and one that has had such a profound impact on my life, with others.
Random Fun Fact: Last summer, I spent two weeks in Australia, in part to dive the Great Barrier Reef.  This year, Tibet and Peru are on the short list, with hopes of being able to dive the Galapagos.


Certified YSYS Instructor, 200 Hr

Day Job: Graduate Student at UT Southwestern
Dream Job: Professor at MIT

Your Motto: Time never stops, and neither do I!
What Lights You Up? Reading a book or watching a movie that makes me go, WHOA!
Fav TV Show: Breaking Bad
Fav Local Spot: Canvas hotel rooftop has the best view of the Dallas skyline
Why YS? I started my yoga journey at YogaSport, and nothing else compares. The physically challenging flows as well as the personal development of the 200 Hr YSYS Training have helped me discover my true inner self
Why Teach? I hope to form many connections with yogi friends and meet like-minded folks. Teaching helps me keep honest with my intentions. Being of service is super powerful!
Random Fun Fact: I was a competitive gymnast for 13 years.


Our assistants are YogaSport Certified Teacher Assistants (YSCTA) and have successfully completed a rigorous four-phase Teacher Assistant Program (TAP).


Assistant Team Lead & Certified YS Assistant

Day Job: Customer Support Associate for a Building Materials Company
Dream Job: Fashion Stylist or Podcasting about music & food or both
Your Motto: TTSP (This Too Shall Pass)
What Lights You Up? Travel, my amazing friends, yoga, baking, hosting get togethers, patios with a great drink & friends, food, music, shoes
Fav TV Show: Game of Thrones
Fav Local Spots: Pie Tap & the Heights
Why YS? YS makes yoga accessible & achievable for all. Although it is your own practice, you never feel alone. There is also someone there to give you encouragement every step of the way. It truly is a community.
Why Assist? Being assisted has made my practice stronger so why not pay it forward. I am sure there is someone who was like me who struggled to go into the studio because of all the accomplished yogis in the class & if I can be there to assist them to find the power in their foundation to hold that pose, then I made a difference in them. It’s twofold, because the students empower me & I need that assistance too.
Random Fun Fact: I’m originally from St. Croix, USVI!


Certified YSYS Instructor, 200 Hr

Day Job: Finance manager for Nexus Recovery Center in Dallas. Nexus provides addiction treatment and recovery programs for women.
Dream Job: Directing a charitable foundation that supports non-profit human services and social action organizations.
Your Motto: Life really is for living.
What Lights You Up? Electronic Dance Music, Long distance bike rides with friends
Fav TV Show: I really don’t have a favorite TV show. I channel surf until I find something that looks good in the moment.
Fav Local Spot: Parigi & True Food Kitchen
Why YS? Strong sense of community, the staff and other students get to know your name and take a genuine interest in you as both a yogi and a person
Why Assist? To encourage and support others in developing their yoga practices
Random Fun Fact: I like experimenting with vegan recipes


Certified YSYS Instructor, 200 Hr

Day Job: Customer Success Manager
Dream Job: Artist of some kind. Or maybe a writer. Something creative!
Your Motto: Pleasantly Impossible (a.k.a. stick to your guns, but be nice about it). This was written on a Ski School report card when I was four. I haven’t changed much!
What Lights You Up? Sunshine. And occasionally dancing.
Fav TV Show: Currently? Castle and Doctor Who.
Fav Local Spot: My duplex! Or any place I can play trivia with my friends.
Why YS? I stumbled into YS looking for a style of yoga that wouldn’t drive me crazy. I wound up finding not only that, but also a community that made me feel like I belonged even at my weirdest.
Why Assist? I’m still not sure how this happened! I signed up for the class on a whim and found that assisting made me feel energized and just plain happy.
Random Fun Fact: As a kid I used to do headstands on my bed and read. I think my parents found me a very confusing child.


Certified YS Assistant

Day Job: Senior Analyst, Decision Science
Dream Job: Is there a job that will pay me to travel with my husband all around the world to eat really good food and hike to the most scenic places to do yoga?! If so, that is my dream job!
Your Motto: Progress takes place outside the comfort zone.
What Lights You Up? Inadvertently making someone laugh, especially my husband.
Fav TV Show: Newsroom
Fav Local Spots: Mike’s Fried Chicken on Maple Avenue
Why YS? The YS community provides a judgement free zone that helps me develop and grow myself both inside and outside the studio.
Why Assist? I want to pass along as much of the positive energy that I get from my practice to others. Hopefully, my energy and encouragement will assist other yogis empower their practice.
Random Fun Fact: That one time, Will Smith held an elevator door open for me.



Certified YS Assistant

Day Job: Senior Manager, IBM Consulting
Dream Job: Teaching
Your Motto: Every problem has a solution. You just have to be creative enough to find it.
What Lights You Up? My family
Fav TV Show: CSI Miami, Homeland, The Good Wife
Fav Local Spots: Velvet Taco, Sixty Vines, Ocean Prime 
Why YS? The YS community is full of incredible people who inspire me to change for the better
Why Assist? To connect, give back and support people with their growth
Random Fun Fact: I’m Canadian



YS Zen Space Master

Day Job: Counselor & Full-Time Grad Student
Dream Job: Independent Consultant (specifically for Women’s health and Women’s issues agencies) while teaching dance and yoga on the side! I want it all.
Your Motto: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” -Bernard M. Baruch
What lights you up? Music, Dancing, Singing, my fiancé, yoga, my best friend, making someone laugh or smile, being a part of change in the world today.
Favorite TV Show: Parks and Rec (I LOVE LESLIE KNOPE!)
Favorite Local Spot: Sushi Axiom (they have the best happy hour) and GLORIAS! These are my go-to’s for food.
Why YS? Back in my college years, the very first style of yoga I was introduced to was Baptiste Power Flow (and I was HOOKED). When I moved to Dallas after graduating, I was THRILLED to find a gem in the middle of downtown that was the only studio teaching Baptiste, and I started taking classes here and there as early as 2009 or 2010. The community at YS and Angela are the reasons I will never, EVER be satisfied practicing ANYWHERE else. No matter where life has taken me, I have always come back to this place; because this place isn’t just a yoga studio – this place is a home. <3
Random Fun Fact: I am obsessed with Electronic Dance Music and I plan on attending as many festivals all over the world as I can!


Our Energy Exchangers are an integral part of our community. They trade their talents for yoga.


YS Studio & Sales Manager

Day Job: YogaSport Studio and Sales Manager 
Dream Job:
 Game Show Host
Your Motto: Never stop learning
What Lights You Up?  Performing music, cooking dinner for friends, cold beer and hot dogs at a baseball game, a book I can’t put down
Fav TV Show: Arrested Development & Baskets
Fav Local Spot: El Come TacoKalachandji’s
 Why EE: Start giving back to a studio that has been so crucial to my sanity
Why YS? Chris kept bugging me to try it out.  He knew I’d love it . . . I don’t like telling him he was right . . . but in this instance, spot on
Random Fun Fact: I wrote my Master’s thesis on Paul Simon’s Graceland album



YS Zen Space Master

Day Job: Events & Logistics Coordinator
Dream Job: World Traveler, Humanitarian or Actress
Your Motto: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop & look around once in a while, you could miss it.” & Don’t forget to smile
What Lights You Up? Music, Traveling, Sunshine, Trees & My Family & Friends
Fav TV Show: Oldie but Goodie…SEINFELD!
Fav Local Spot: Does San Francisco count?! Ok, Deep Ellum it is!
Why EE? Who doesn’t want to be part of a great positive team!
Random Fun Fact: I’ve meet John Lennon’s son, Sean Lennon, 3 times! Yes, I’m a HUGE Beatles Fan


YS Zen Space Master

Day Job: Heading marketing and product development for a tech startup
Dream Job: Retiring, and maybe being a part-time yoga instructor
Your Motto: Be, do, share, mentor
What Lights You Up? Time with my son, nice dinners, reading
Fav TV Show: Westworld
Fav Local Spot: Sushiya (downtown Dallas) 
Why EE? A way to recommit to my practice and to the YS family
Random Fun Fact: I’ve been reading and collecting comic books since the early 60s!



YS Zen Space Master

Day Job: Customer Service
Dream Job: Journalist, Food Critic
Your Motto: Don’t wish your life away!
What Lights You Up? Cheese and wine combo
Fav TV Show: Seinfeld
Fav Local Spot: The Nodding Donkey
Why EE? I love the concept, “service for a service”. Everyone wins!
Random Fun Fact: I was born on the iciest snow day that ever hit Dallas



YS Zen Space Master

Day Job: In Kind Donations Coordinator for Genesis Women’s Shelter
Dream Job: Working at Genesis! Or being an International Volunteer
Your Motto: Love each other deeply
What lights you up? Seeing my food come out at a restaurant, hearing stories of how Genesis has positively affected someone’s life, the theme song of The Office, holding my nephew, long walks during pretty sunsets and all puppies.
Favorite TV Show: The Office/Family Feud
Favorite Local Spot: Taco Lingo, Serve, FoxTrot, Sixty Vines
Why YS? Good workout/sweat, close to home and the people!
Why EE? One of my 2019 “resolutions” was to practice yoga once a week at least – this helps with that!
Random Fun Fact: My first ever job was as a waitress on the “Moo Crew” at Western Sizzlin’!


YS Zen Space Master

Day Job: Just finished a 25-year corporate career, currently in temporary retirement and launching my dream job soon!
Dream Job: Yoga life coaching, teacher training, and hosting retreats 
Your Motto: Thoughts become things . . .
What Lights You Up? Traveling to new places
Fav TV Show: Current obsession is Schitt’s Creek (ew, David!)
Fav Local Spot: My patio, or Houston’s on Tortilla Soup Day (Thursday)
Why EE? I’ve always been a giver, without expectation of return . . . I’m currently working on having more receiving and “exchange” in my life. What better place than the YS community?!
Random Fun Fact: I hate raisins, and love craisins 🙂