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It’s almost Fall, y’all! This month’s pose of the month is: Trikonasana, also known as Triangle. During the month of September, your YogaSport instructors and assistants will help you develop a deeper, stronger Triangle. Read on for alignment points and step by step directions to enter a masterful Triangle .

• Strengthens your legs, back and abdominals
• Stretches your hips, legs and spine
• Opens your shoulders and chestAngela Triangle Pose

• Heels are in one line
• Squeeze into your legs
• Radiate through both arms

1. From Warrior 2, straighten your left knee and tilt your pelvis to the back wall as you reach your left arm forward.
2. Lower your left hand down to the mat, your shin or a block and extend your right hand to the ceiling.
3. Stack your arms in one vertical line.
4. Engage your inner thighs by drawing your heels toward the center of your mat.