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November’s Pose of the Month is dancer pose. Nataranjasana is a balance pose and heart-opening backbend wrapped all into one – wow, what a deal! This month, your YogaSport instructors and assistants will help you find a solid stable foundation and then guide you into increasing expansion and freedom as you work toward your mastery of this difficult asana. By the end of November, you may just find yourself feeling like this pose’s other alias: Lord of the Dance!

• Stretches the shoulders and chest
• Stretches the thighs, groins, and abdomen
• Strengthens the legs and ankles
• Improves balance

• Inner side of arm reaching for foot faces outward
• Standing leg solid and engaged
• Shoulders and hips square
• Heart open and drawing upward

1. From Tadasana, bend your right arm at the elbow and bring it out to your side, palm facing up as if carrying a serving tray.
2. Extend your right leg behind you and grasp the inner edge of your foot with your right hand.
3. Reach your left arm skyward.
4. Ground down through your left foot and engage your left thigh.
5. Press your right foot into your hand to extend your hip back and heart forward. Gaze out over your left hand.

You will experience Dancer Pose in every Power Flow class this month.  This program will help you learn and master the chosen asana.