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The Physical And Mental Benefits Of Yoga

These days, yoga is more popular than ever – with good reason. This ancient practice provides countless benefits to both the body and the mind. Once you understand all of the ways that it can improve your well-being, you will no doubt want to grab a yoga mat and get started. The following list takes a closer look at some of the most important physical and mental benefits of yoga:

1. Improved flexibility. Poor flexibility can not only make it harder to perform everyday tasks but can also cause unwanted aches and pains. Holding yoga poses helps dramatically improve flexibility, loosening up your muscles, connective tissue, and ligaments.

2. Stronger muscles. You don’t have to lift weights to build muscle. Instead, you can dramatically increase your muscular strength simply by doing yoga. Holding poses requires you to actively engage your muscles, helping to strengthen them. Increasing your muscular strength can not only take the hassle out of tasks like lifting heavy objects but can also reduce pain by making it easier for you to hold your body in the proper alignment.

3. A calmer mind. Yoga forces you to focus your attention inward, paying attention to what your body is doing at any given moment. Whether you are concentrating on holding a pose or focusing on your breathing, this helps your brain slow down, providing an almost meditative quality. This can help calm your mind, allowing you to release stress and relax your mind. Yoga is incredibly restorative from a mental perspective, simply because it promotes mindfulness.

4. Better balance. As you get older, your ability to balance can begin to decline. Practicing yoga is a great way to improve your balance, to help you stay upright and minimizing the risk of falls. This is especially important for older people since accidental falls can easily result in fractures.

5. A happier outlook. Studies have shown that regularly practicing yoga can help alleviate the symptoms of depression. It helps boost serotonin levels in the brain, making you happier and giving you a better outlook on life.

6. Promotes better sleep. Practicing restorative yoga before bed can help calm your mind and can soothe your nervous system, making it easier for you to fall asleep. Getting more sleep can help reduce stress and can make it easier for you to cope with the issues that you encounter during a typical day.

7. Better athletic performance. By increasing your flexibility, helping you build muscle, and improving your balance, yoga can make you a better athlete, regardless of which sports you enjoy. When you are stronger, more flexible, and better able to stay upright, your performance in any activity including sports will naturally improve.

There are countless other physical and mental benefits associated with regularly practicing yoga. If you haven’t already given yoga a try, it is worth a closer look. You can sign up for a class at a local yoga studio. Alternatively, there are also plenty of free videos online that you can use to give it a try in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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