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The pose of the month for October is Side Plank! During the month of October, your YogaSport instructors will guide you into developing a strong and stable Side Plank. Read on for alignment points and step by step directions to find your best practice in Side Plank.

• Tones and strengthens your arms & torso
• Integrates all muscles in the body to work together to create balance

• Imagine your body being pressed between two panes of glass
• Loop your tailbone toward your heels
• Line up all your joints
• Press your arms away from each other, dropping your shoulder blades down

1. From high push up, bring your feet together and spin your heels to the right, extending your left hand to the sky.
2. Place your lower hand, fingers spread, under your shoulder.
3. Stack your upper hip directly over the lower one.
4. Keep your heels, hips and heart all in one line.
5. Be careful not to dump the weight into the bottom wrist.
6. Flex your feet, contract your legs and activate your abdominal lock (uddiyana.)


You will experience Side Plank in every Power Flow class this month.