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Oprah has often been quoted as saying “The universe speaks to us, always, first in whispers.” This is exactly how yoga started its conversation with Monika.

First a gentle “psst” in the form of a group class or two at her local gym circa 2001. Group classes always won out over the treadmill whether it was step aerobics, kick boxing, or yoga… take your pick. The sole goal was physical exercise and she brought to her mat the same energy as any other gym activity. “What is this drishti thing anyways?”

Fast forward ten years, add in a little work and life stress, and again yoga showed up. This time it was not so much a whisper as a “tap” on the shoulder in the form of repeated invitations from a co-worker to visit a power vinyasa class. Monika had no clue that when her over-stressed and under-exercised body finally found its way to the mat that it would experience more than the shedding of pounds she had imagined. The instructor was warm and kind, centered and knowledgeable and gave Monika her first glimpse of the intention behind the word “Namaste”. Unfortunately, stress quickly crept back in, the instructor moved out-of-state, and life drowned out her newly established practice.

Three years passed. Monika hit a breaking point and this time yoga decided to shout from afar. No, really. While on vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama she and some friends opted to balance their excessive fried food intake with a “little hot yoga”. It was Baptiste and for her it was a revelation. Between labored breaths and shaking muscles came an awareness of how much her mental dialogue antagonized her physical attempts to complete a simple one hour class. “Surely there is a way to control this chatter”, she thought.

Upon returning to Dallas later that week she followed Google’s advice on “Baptiste Yoga Studios” and quickly found herself at YogaSport’s doorstep. Though she came in search of a place to develop her practice she was surprised to find that YS was more than a just a studio… it was a community!

In her short time on the mat at YogaSport she’s discovered that yoga is not something you do, it’s something you experience. It asks only that you show up with what you have, challenge yourself to give it all, and then honor that gift (no matter how large or small). Just as in life… some days the chatter wins. Her goal on those days? Be present enough to still hear the universe when it whispers.