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Name:  Sara Weaver

Nickname: Sweavee or Weaver

Day Job:  Project manager at AT&T

How long have  you  have  been  practicing at YS? Almost a year

What is your favorite YS workshop or class? All of them! I am a morning person so the early classes really help kick start my day.

Name one thing  you  consider yourself to be very good at: Providing the positive outlook


What’s the number one yoga pose you  just love to practice? Pigeon out of necessity and any challenging balance pose to keep me on my toes or rather off my toes


Why did  you start practicing yoga? Curiosity. I’m a very curious person.

Who  inspires  you  the most and why? Not one individual, but everyone I meet. Each with their own struggle, strengths and goals helps put life in perspective.


What do you  just love about YogaSport? The community and atmosphere are unlike any other studio I’ve been to. It is a welcoming family.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Ice cream

Furthest city traveled: Tokyo

What is one thing we don’t know about you that would surprise us?  I won a hot dog eating contest!