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Name: Jamie Storey

Nickname: JK or Jame

Day Job: Chiropractor

How long have you been practicing at YS?: Five months, I participated in the Beginner Series and was immediately hooked.

What is your favorite YS workshop on class?:  I love all the classes and workshops that I have attended, but always look forward to the morning weekend classes. I love starting my day on the mat!

What’s the number one yoga pose you just love to practice?:  Crow. I had to refrain from celebrating in class when I was first able to lift both feet off the ground and have been practicing since.

Why did you start practicing yoga?  After years of hearing about its benefits, I finally decided to give it a try. It has been a great experience and I feel more energized and centered with each class.

Who inspires you the most and why?  All the great friends and family that I am surrounded by. They are supportive and continuously motivate me to better myself.

What do you just love about YogaSport?:  The community. The instructors are fantastic and all challenge me in a different way and the fellow yogis at the studio are just as great!
What’s your guilty pleasure?:  Mexican food, craft beer, and tennis shoes.
Favorite Vacation Spot: Fiji & Colorado

Favorite Restaurants/Hang Out Spots in Dallas? Meso Maya and Cork & Pig Tavern.

What is one thing we don’t know about you that would surprise us?: I grew up in a dance studio and danced competitively until college.