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Name: Brittany Reinhart

Nickname: Britt

Day Job: Trauma Research Coordinator at Methodist Hospital

How long have you have been practicing at YS? 2 years


What is your favorite YS workshop or class? Favorite class is 9am Empower Flow on Saturdays, especially when the oils are involved

Name one thing you consider yourself to be very good at: Cooking

What’s the number one yoga pose you just love to practice? Half moon

Why did you start practicing yoga? When I was 22 my friend found a Groupon for yoga so I got one too!


Who inspires you the most and why? Someone that I really admire is J.K Rowling. She is not only an incredible author but she has been through so much and chooses to use her platform to try to make the world a better place. And she’s hilarious on Twitter.

What do you just love about YogaSport? The community feeling and no-judgment zone

What’s your guilty pleasure? Homemade chocolate chip cookies. Mine are the best.

Favorite Local Restaurant(s): Tacos Mariachi and Knife

Favorite Vacation Spot: New Orleans is my favorite city in America

What is one thing we don’t know about you that would surprise us? I was a painfully shy and quiet child- then I started cheerleading when I was 9 and haven’t shut up since!