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Name:  Ashley Bankes  

Nickname:  Ash, but I figure most Ashley’s are called that.  

Day Job:  Accounting  

How long have  you  have  been  practicing at YS?  7 years  

What is your favorite YS workshop or class?  Saturday class at 10:45 


Name one thing  you  consider yourself to be very good at:  Anything athletic  

What’s the number one yoga pose  you  just love to practice?  Upward flipping dog. 

Why did  you  start practicing yoga?  I kept hearing people talking about yoga and I was curious about the practice.  

Who  inspires  you  the most and why?  Honestly, myself. When I see self growth, either small or big, it inspires me to continue trying.  

What do  you  just love about YogaSport I love the staff at Yogasport. Everyone is so inviting and warm.  


What’s your guilty pleasure?  Candy 

Furthest city traveled:  Greece 

What is one thing we don’t know about  you  that would surprise us? I went to Booker T. Washington for theatre