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Spring has arrived – it’s time to add some fun and playfulness to your practice! This month’s Pose of the Month is Flip Dog. Get ready to flip and open your heart to new possibilities! See ya on the mat!

• Strengthens arms, legs and core
• Is a great balance between power/strength and freedom

• Bring your feet about hip width and parallel
• Press into your lower hand
• Lift your hips up high
• Let your head drop back

1. From down dog, lift your right leg, bend knee and rotate open.
2. Keep rotating until you can gently land your right foot on the floor.
3. Set your feet hip width and engage your thighs.
4. Extend your right arm over head, spreading your fingers.
5. Ground your left palm and engage your shoulder blades.
6. Keep extending right arm, turning left palm to progress to wheel.