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Double Pigeon has flown away and given Pose of the Month status to Half Moon! May’s Pose of the Month is Half Moon (ardha chandrasana). This month your YogaSport Instructors will guide you into this posture to help build strength, balance and focus!

• Strengthens ankles, thighs, abdomen and spine
• Improves coordination and balance

• Create a straight line from your bottom hand to your top hand
• Straighten your legs
• Press your back foot to the back of the room

1. From forward fold, extend your right leg to the back of the room.
2. Tighten your left thigh.
3. Plant your left hand a foot in front of your left baby toe.
4. Place your right hand on your right hip and gently rotate your hip open.
5. Squeeze your right thigh.
6. Extend your right hand to the ceiling.