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Hey yogis! This spring weather has got us excited, so get ready to rock n’ roll on your mat! The pose of the month for May is: Boat Roll to Chair. During the month of May, your YogaSport instructors will guide you into developing a stable transition from Boat to Chair. Click on the link above to see how things are done. After that, read on for alignment points and step by step directions to find your best practice in Boat Roll to Chair.

• Tones stomach and hip flexors
• Strengthens back
• Creates structural integration and balance
• Increases heart rate

• Keep legs straight and active
• Engage abs
• Draw shoulder blades and arm bones in towards spine
• Drishti: Forward

1. From High Boat, squeeze knees to chest and rock back.
2. Fire your core as you roll up to Chair Pose.
3. Shift 80% of weight into your heels.
4. Spin pinky fingers slightly in.
5. Lift your chest high.

You will experience Boat Roll to Chair in every Power Flow class this month.