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Ready to twist? The pose of the month for March is a real wringer: Parivrta Trikonasana, also known as Twisting Triangle. This twisty standing pose provides an incredible opportunity to build both strength and flexibility, all while rinsing your internal organs and providing a healthy rinsing for your spine. During the month of March, your YogaSport instructors will help you develop a new love and appreciation for your Twisting Triangle… who knows, maybe it will be the start of a beautiful new relationship!

Read on for alignment points and step by step directions to enter a masterful twisting triangle.

• Rinses the organs and tissues of the mid-body and digestive system
• Releases the lumbar spine and helps relieve lower back pain

• Square your hips forward
• Stack your torso over your front leg
• Drop your shoulders toward your hips

1. From Pyramid (left foot forward), lift half way up to a flat back.
2. Place your right hand on a block and press your chest forward.
3. Engage your abdominals and press your left hip back.
4. Extend your left arm to the sky, spreading your fingers.
5. Press into your feet and engage your powerful legs.
6. On the inhale, extend your spine. On the exhale, twist deeper.