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March’s Pose of the Month is Camel. This intense heart opener is notorious for causing even the most practiced yogis to see stars! But have no fear, your YogaSport instructors will guide you carefully into a camel pose that takes you just to your edge. Learning to balance our biggest, fullest effort with ease and self-compassion is a lesson that we can all stand to take off the mat and into our lives.

• Stretches the entire front body and deep hip flexors
• Strengthens back muscles
• Improves posture
• Stimulates organs of the abdomen and neck


• Stack hips over knees
• Toes may be flat or tucked
• Draw shoulder blades together
• Relax neck and head


1. Kneel on the mat, knees hips width distance.
2. Place palms at the small of your back.
3. Keeping hips aligned over knees, arch back and take your gaze up to the sky or the wall behind you.
4. Draw your shoulder blades together to open your chest to the sky.
5. If you can do so without bringing your hips behind your knees, reach for your heels.
6. To exit, release your heels and bring palms to back. Rise up slowly.

You will experience Camel Pose in every Power Flow class this month. This program will help you learn and master the chosen asana.