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Starts January 22nd, 2019 

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Did the holiday season zap your energy and all of your good habits? Do you feel like your blood is laced with sugar, carbs, and wine? You might have stopped practicing yoga, going to the gym, eating and cooking fresh foods, and/or taking your vitamins. The holidays are a fun time to let loose and enjoy life, but January is the time to get back on track and take care of yourself. 

Boost your energy and mood, reclaim (or develop) your kicka** habits, and meet some incredibly fun people along the way. Plus, you don’t even have to live in Dallas. Everything you need is shipped to your door and all of the support is virtual (well, it’s real, but over computers).  Invite your friends and family to join us because the more, the merrier.R

“Never having done a cleanse before, I was a little skeptical of my adherence and afraid that I would be hungry all of the time and miss my beloved bread and sweets. I was shocked that I never felt hungry and that after the first few days, I didn’t miss the sweets as much as I thought I would. Being prepared and having the support along the way helped immensely. I ended up 5 pounds lighter and have kept it off months later!   

Tell Me More

Yes, we would love to. Here is the magic that can happen if you commit to yourself for 30 days.

Removal of Acid Waste (’cause YUCK!): Acid waste often leads to inflammation, congestion, and poor digestion.

Immune System Support: The cleanse will unclog your digestive system, creating less acid and providing a more base/alkaline state for your body.

Reduction of Toxic Load: You’ll be able to digest food easier, absorb the nutrients your body needs, and also dispose and eliminate the extras properly. Angela is obsessed with this subject and has extensive knowledge that she can share in the Facebook group and calls!

If you experience seasonal respiratory issues, struggle with digestive issues, feel fatigued or lethargic, struggle with weight management, have a regular issue of tossing and turning all night, suffer from skin concerns, have hormonal imbalances, have unexpected changes in mood, or any similar challenges . . . this is definitely the right program for you.

Through this process, your gut will be strengthened by adding all the good bacteria your body needs. You will be able to identify the foods that could be causing many of your issues. Your immune system will be gaining support to help you be a more balanced and energetic you!

Benefits (The Real Stuff)

Improved Digestion = rebuild your gut, release bloating, and lose weight

A Sharper Mind = more clarity and the ability to do Jedi mind tricks

More Energy = no more missing out because you are too exhausted

Improved Sleep = you will be nicer to everyone you meet

Hormone Support = decreased cramps and moodiness

Balanced Emotions & Moods = appropriate reactions to life and SPCA commercials

Fewer Cravings = Cheez-Its and Gummy Bears addictions may disappear

Better Self Care = learn how to create actual “me time” that feels good

Community & Support = meet cool people who will cheer you on

Choose Become a Member + Wholesale Customer + Purchase The Cleanse & Restore Kit.

Your Success Toolbox

  • Fresh, Real, Organic Food – during the 30 days, focus on eating clean, pure and fresh food with minimal fats. Your commitment to super clean eating will help rejuvenate and cleanse your digestive system while aiding in the removal of toxins that may contribute to fatigue and weight gain.
  • doTERRA’s Cleanse & Restore Kit – The 30-day kit includes the supplements you need to help detox and restore your gut. If you dig shakes as snacks or meal replacements, you can add those on to your order.
  • Our Buddy System – We invite you to take advantage of the accountability system built within the program. There are three educational conference calls throughout the program as well as a Facebook group that will help you stay connected and on track throughout the 30 days. Research shows we are more successful when we have accountability and support. And, it’s way more fun.
  • Essential Oils – Essential oils are a game changer for your health and wellness routine. Using them during the 30 days and beyond will help your mood, keep you motivated, give you energy, and more. We will teach you about the oils throughout the program so if you are new to doTERRA, purchase a few add-ons or e-mail Angela Wagner at [email protected] for a free oils chat. She can help! 

Your Reboot Package Includes

  • doTERRA Cleanse and Restore Kit
  • One Year Wholesale Membership to doTERRA
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group (Education, Q&A, Peer Support)
  • The “Like A Boss Workshop Series” – Dates TBD
  • Cleanse Like A Boss with Wellness Coach Angela Wagner
  • Meal Prep Like A Boss with Ashly Bright from KitchWorks 
  • Clean Up Recipes Like A Boss with Gwyneth Gravelle

“I loved doing this cleanse! It gave me the inspiration to reconnect with my eating habits and, over thirty days, to create new, intentionally healthful eating habits. Committing to a month of focus really helped to restart my relationship with food, with the support and advice of others all working together on the same goal. I learned how regular healthy meals cut back on my cravings for fatty and sugary quick treats, that I really did almost always have time for a good breakfast before work, and got valuable tips from people on how to shop and prep to set myself up for success even on the busiest weeks. And as an added bonus, I walked out of the cleanse 17 pounds lighter and feeling renewed and encouraged to keep up with my new healthier lifestyle! – Gwyneth

Your Investment = $245 + tax/shipping to your door

Recommended Add-Ons

Use the add-on product links for information only. Follow the directions below on how to purchase through your own wholesale account (it is free and saves you 25%)

How to Purchase and Register

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  3. Don’t forget to purchase any add-on items.
  4. We recommend purchasing by 1/16 to guarantee a 1/22 start but you can start on any day. 
  5. Email your receipt and your Facebook profile link to [email protected]

“I was really surprised how great I felt on the cleanse. The biggest bonus for me was how much energy I had because I was eating so well and taking care of myself.  The program and support system helped me to stay on track which was a huge part of my success” – Renee 

If you are a current doTERRA customer under Angela Wagner (The Oil Maniacs Team)

  1. Purchase the Cleanse & Restore Kit from your doTERRA account
  2. Email your receipt and your Facebook profile link to [email protected]
  3. If you are a doTERRA customer NOT under Angela or you aren’t sure what team you are on, email Angela at [email protected]and she will help you out