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Written by Former YS Assistant, Kate Geresy

Major life changes are usually marked as “before-said change” and “after-said change.” What it was like before I graduated, what it was like after I graduated. Life before I got married, life after I got married.

For me, there is life before YogaSport (YS) and life after YS.

You know those teenage years when you thought you knew it all? I had “those adult years.” I kept my head down, worked hard, was oft commented on how “mature” I am or told “that girl has her head on straight.” These aren’t bad characteristics, but as Goethe said, “by nature we have no defect that could not become a strength, no strength that could not become a defect.” My strengths, while wonderful for overall life functionality, were limitations for growth within. I had myself figured out. I was of the opinion that this girl (me) had gotten herself pretty far so you can take that life coaching to someone else who was in shambles because that girl ain’t me (said with all the Southern sass you can imagine).

What I wasn’t prepared for was to have my rump handed back to me through bending myself into funky poses and purchasing colorful leggings. I kid—but in all seriousness, I was not prepared for the depths of exploration that yoga, assisting and teacher training call upon. There is certainly much learnt from the basics of alignment and healthy movement, but what is being gifted from those around you and that rectangular piece of foam extends far beyond the basics. I was a resident workshop junkie at YS. This was not because I discovered I actually was a mess in need of dire coaching or because I was not good enough at yoga (can that even be possible?).

I kept attending workshop after workshop because the tools provided for self-inquiry were so plentiful and even more so because finding a community that genuinely encourages this pursuit of growth and betterment is so rare. You could say “the final step” is teacher training. I plunged in because I knew with such veracity that there was no other place I trusted with this education and I wanted to share how deeply I loved what I was learning from others and myself. I wanted to share what was possible with others and have the honor to experience even a portion of their journeys with them.

While it felt like the final step, in reality, it was only the beginning of the realm of possibilities available to me. There are pieces of my personality that long laid dormant until teacher training; there is so much integrity from that rawness. Life has changed all around me and through TT I learned we are always growing, we always begin again. The hope I have is that I greet each new beginning with more grace, humility and mindfulness than ever before.

I didn’t think it could happen twice from such an unsuspecting source but, alas, there is “life before teacher training,” and “life after teacher training.”

“Perhaps love is the process of my leading you gently back to yourself.” –Antoine de Saint-Exupery