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Summer Time! For many of us, that means flip-flops, sassy sandals, and tall wedges. Regardless of your summer footwear, take pause to give your feet some extra love. This month’s Pose of the Month is Toe Pose! Besides stretching the oft-neglected bottoms of your feet and toes, toe pose allows the opportunity to practice internal focus and mental calmness. Starting today, your YS instructors and assistants will guide you to healthy feet (and mind!) all month long.

1. Stretches feet and toes

2. Helps prevent plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the band of connective tissue that supports the arch of your foot and extends to the heel)


1. Set knees together

2. Lift torso and retract shoulder blades back and down

3. Hands to heart, fingers spread

4. Engage your abdominal lock

Step by Step:
1. From Down Dog, drop your knees to the mat.

2. Tuck your toes and sit back on your heels.

3. Smile!