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Hey yogis! It’s OFFICIALLY summer, so get ready to rock n’ roll on your mat! The pose of the month for July is: Boat Roll to Chair. During the month of July, your YogaSport instructors will guide you into developing a stable transition from Boat to Chair. Read on for alignment points and step by step directions to find your best practice in Boat Roll to Chair.

• Tones stomach and hip flexors
• Strengthens back
• Creates structural integration and balance
• Increases heart rate

• Keep legs straight and active
• Engage abs
• Draw shoulder blades and arm bones in towards spine
• Drishti: Forward

1. From High Boat, squeeze knees to chest and rock back.
2. Fire your core as you roll up to Chair Pose.
3. Shift 80% of weight into your heels.
4. Spin pinky fingers slightly in.
5. Lift your chest high.

You will experience Boat Roll to Chair in every Power Flow class this month.