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July is here! This pose appears less frequently in our routine practice, but has amazing benefits for the body and mind. During the month of July, your YogaSport teachers and assistants will guide you into a more powerful, lighter Revolving Half Moon as you access less-used muscles in your ankles, thighs, hips, and glutes. You will also rinse and wring out your internal organs through this deep standing twist AND challenge your mental focus.  See below for key alignment points and step by step directions for building your Revolving Half Moon.

• Strengthens ankles, legs and glutes
• Increases balance
• Rinses internal organs

• Square your hips to the earth
• Straighten your legs
• Lift your chest up in line with your legs
• Press your back foot to the back of the room

1. From Airplane Pose (right foot standing), place your left hand on the ground, or a block, a foot in front of your big toe.
2. Extend your right hand to the sky.
3. Press your right foot down, straighten your standing leg and lift your standing (right) hip as you draw your left hip down.
4. Lengthen the crown of your head forward and twist, stacking your right shoulder over your left.
5. To challenge your balance, gaze up to your right thumb.