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[/av_section][av_team_member name=’Jason Donnini’ job=’Certified YSYS Instructor, 200 Hr ‘ src=’http://440.229.myftpupload.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/jason_donnini.jpg’ attachment=’948′ attachment_size=’full’ image_width=’av-team-img-original’ description=’Jason had heard from friends for years about the practice of yoga but had never given it a chance, thinking it wouldn’t be that challenging for him. Eventually, however, he was invited to a power vinyasa flow in Arlington, and he accepted. He got on a mat and was challenged physically, mentally, and spiritually. He felt an incredible release of emotion he never believed possible. This was the beginning of his journey in yoga. He practiced at that studio for about a year before relocating to Dallas.

Upon his move to Dallas, Jason practiced at various studios but was unable to find the right fit. He had a conversation with his friend who initially introduced him to yoga, and through that conversation, he found that he needed to look for a Baptiste studio, which narrowed the field quite a bit. YogaSport was the only one listed in the area. So Jason attended his first class with Christopher and was challenged in all the ways he had been looking for. It’s kept him bringing his mat back ever since.|

Initially Jason was on the fence about taking the Level I assisting class, but he was encouraged by members of the staff to consider it. He eventually realized it was an opportunity for him to challenge himself and deepen his understanding of the yoga practice. He spent the weekend with like-minded individuals and discovered it was something that he really enjoyed. It has given him the opportunity to be more mindful of his practice, and it’s enabled him to share that awareness and mindfulness with others.

Jason is a contract web developer. With over fifteen years of experience in the industry, he has been a contractor for over 4 years now.’ font_color=” custom_title=” custom_content=” admin_preview_bg=”]