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We are taking flight this month with our September Pose of the Month: Crow. Let’s get ready to build strength and find balance. Fly crows!

• Strengthens upper body and core and improves balance
• Emotionally teaches you to move through resistance

• Keep your back rounded
• Contract your abs
• Lift your head and shoulders and set your gaze forward
• If both feet are off the floor, touch your big toes together

1. Squat down so your butt hovers a few inches over your heels.
2. Let your elbows and knees drop out laterally.
3. Lean forward and lower your head and chest a bit.
4. Lift heels and rest your knees/shins on your upper arms/triceps.
5. Squeeze your elbows into your torso, tip forward and lift your feet, one at a time.

You will experience Crow in every Power Flow class this month.