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We know Peter Pan’s real secret to eternal youth… a strong, tight core! That’s why July’s Pose of the Month is Peter Pan Abs. This month, your YogaSport instructors and assistants will help you focus in on your abdominal muscles and learn how to access the deep layers that support a healthy spine and body.

• Strengthens the upper, lower, and transverse (deep) abdominals

• Hold your straightened leg at a 45 degree angle from the earth.
• Align the inner edge of your foot against the inner calf of your opposite leg.
• Point your bent knee directly toward your face.
• Activate your toes and feet in a demi-point.

1. Lie on your back and lift your feet directly up to the sky above.
2. Lower your left leg to 45 degrees.
3. Bend your right knee toward your face and place the inner edge of your right foot against your left calf.
4. Extend your fingers in the direction of your left foot and peel your shoulders off the mat.
5. Exhale strongly as you tighten your abs and reach for your toes.
6. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat…. You get the idea!
7. Switch your legs and complete an equal number of repetitions with your right leg extended.