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February might lead you feeling green. This month is all about Bhekasana, also known as Frog in our Baptiste yoga world. During the month of February, your YogaSport instructors will help you develop a better relationship with your Frog (interventions are often in order). And we get a 29 days of February this year, so you’ll get an extra bit of love. Watch our awesome video above and read on for alignment points and step by step directions to enter a masterful Frog.

• Stretches hips and groins
• Rejuvenates the body and is often emotionally charged

• Scoop your tailbone down and under
• Gently engage your belly
• Let your head drop
• Look between your forearms

1. Stand on your knees with your shins pressing into the floor.
2. Place your knees as far apart as you can.
3. Flex your feet and turn your heels out.
4. Align your shins parallel to the edges of your mat.
5. Relax onto your forearms and press your hips back.
6. Breathe.

You will experience Frog in every Power Flow class this month.