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Happy February everyone!  February Pose of the Month is Forearm Balance, or Pincha Mayurasana. We all know that an inversion, such as shoulder stand, is excellent for calming the nervous system and restoring a sense of balance and equanimity. Forearm Balance provides the same benefits, with a lot of core thrown in for good measure. Enjoy this challenging pose and we look forward to seeing you on the mat!


• Improves sense of balance and calms the brain
• Strengthens shoulders, arms, back, and core

Key Alignment Points:

• Engage your core muscles
• Look between your arms
• Drop your shoulder blades down your back
• Ground your forearms and palms down and push away from the mat

Step by Step:

1. Setup into Dolphin with arms shoulder width distance.

2. Step your feet together and walk forward a step.

3. Lift your right leg in a full internal rotation extension.

4. Bend your left knee and gently kick up.

5. Extend your legs into the air.

6. Internally rotate your thighs and press the balls of your feet up.