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Basic Rules For Yoga Beginners

Maybe you have always wanted to try out a Dallas yoga class, but you have been a bit too nervous to leap. The good news is that you will find a welcoming environment and friendly faces at our yoga studio. To help ease you into the process, we would like to let you know some of the things that you can expect when you take a beginner yoga class at our Dallas yoga studio.

Early Arrival

It is a good idea to get to the beginner class about ten minutes early. This is ample time for you to get in and to grab a spot where you will feel most comfortable for the class. If you are attending one of our popular classes, you may want to arrive 15 to 20 minutes in advance to get acclimated.

Get Settled In

Take off your footwear and socks before entering the room. You can bring your mat, or we do have them available, which you can then take and unroll facing the instructor.


Feel free to introduce yourself to your yoga teacher and inform them of any injuries that you may have experienced in case you need modifications. You can also take a few minutes introducing yourself to some of our other participants if you feel comfortable.


While you may find yourself holding your breath when you begin yoga poses due to the challenge, you should know that breathing in deeply is a good way to relax. As a beginner, do not worry about trying to match up with the breathing of others around you, just be sure that you are not holding your breath.

Have Fun

You need to remember that everyone in the class is there for different reasons with the common goal of having a good, relaxing time. We take the time to work with each of our students to make sure that the poses are understood and that everyone’s needs are met.

Before you arrive at your beginner yoga class at our Dallas Yoga studio, you may be wondering what you should wear or bring. If you have never taken part in yoga, you may be unsure of what clothing to choose. It is always a good idea to wear layers on your upper half so that you can shed items as you go if you start to get too warm. It is also best if you try not to wear anything that is too loose so that you are not getting caught up in movements.

We want all of our participants in our beginner yoga classes to feel comfortable and welcome at all times. Should you have any questions, we encourage you to ask. It is important to us that you are not only able to feel comfortable but that you also leave feeling refreshed and accomplished. Keep in mind that it is best that you do not come to class on a full stomach or an empty stomach, so it is always a good idea to have a light snack beforehand so that you do not end up light-headed.

Come enjoy our beginner yoga class at our Dallas TX yoga studio and learn the basics in our yoga studio. So visit our website at https://yogasportdallas.com/ to learn more about our beginner yoga classes in Dallas.  You go ahead and call us as well at 214-520-9642. We are open 7 days a week. We thank you for checking out our studio!

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