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Hey Yogis! August is upon us and it’s time to give those arms and shoulders some love. The August pose of the month is Purvottanasana, better known as Reverse Plank pose. Your YogaSport teachers and assistants will guide you through setting up a stable, effective reverse plank that strengthens your arms and wrists while stretching your biceps and shoulders. For all the details on alignment and step-by-step directions for getting into the pose, click on the video below!


• Strengthens arms, wrists, and legs
• Stretches shoulders, biceps, chest, and ankles
• Stimulates thyroid gland


• Point your toes
• Flatten your feet onto the mat
• Straighten your legs
• Press your hips up
• Drop your head and gaze back


1. From seated with legs straight in front of you, place your hands on the mat several inches behind your hips with finger tips facing forward.
2. Activate your feet and point your toes.
3. Press your hands and feet down into the mat and squeeze your thighs and glutes to lift your hips up.
4. Flatten your pointed feet onto the mat.
5. Let your head drop back gently.