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Our April Pose of the Month is one with many names . . . box pose, firelog pose, yes, even dwa pada raja kapotasana (whew, what a mouthful!). But it is best known by the name double pigeon. This is a pose that may send cyclists, runners, and other tight hipped yogis running for cover. But don’t be afraid! During the month of April, your YogaSport instructors will help you ease into a kinder, gentler double pigeon. Outside of the studio, this month is a great time to practice folding into tight spots and easing into uncomfortable situations that you confront in your daily life. Before you know it, you may just find yourself experiencing a new sense of openness and equanimity, both on and off your mat!


Stretches the hips and groin
Relieves stress
Regulates digestion and metabolism

Key Alignment Points:

Bring shins parallel
Stack knees and ankles
Externally rotate thighs
Keep active feet to protect knees

Step by Step:

1. From downward facing dog, step forward into half pigeon.
2. Bring your back leg around to the front and stack it on top.
3. Push both feet forward until ankles and knees are stacked and shins and parallel.
4. Lift your hips and untuck your tail.
5. Draw shoulder blades together to open heart and straighten back.
6. As you are able without pain, reach forward and rest over your shins.