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Happy April everyone, Spring is officially here! And with that, so is the YS pose of the month. Get ready to flow, flourish, and gain flexibility on your mat!

• Stretches thighs, groins, glutes, back and hip flexors.
• Opens the chest and shoulders

• Flex your right foot to protect your knee
• Square your shoulders and hips forward
• Line your thigh parallel to the side edge of your mat
• Use a prop or take your right foot towards your thigh to modify

1. From Down Dog, lift your right leg to the sky.
2. Bend your knee and take your right foot towards your left wrist.
3. Release your right knee to the mat and slide your left leg back.
4. Square your hips to the center.
5. If your right hip is tight, place a block, blanket or sand bag under it.
6. Extend your spine and fold your torso forward, resting your head.

You will experience Half Pigeon in every Power Flow class this month. This program will help you learn and master the chosen asana.